About Us

Hello, and welcome to 4ourwall! We’re so glad you’re here.

We are an online retailer dedicated to finding the lowest prices from around the world for your anime products. We at 4ourwall love anime, so we started this shop in 2018 with a specific goal in mind: To give anime lovers affordable access to quality figurines. We are committed to providing the best anime products at the best prices.

We started with only Dragon Ball figures and our vision, but have since expanded to many other figures and are always searching for new products to add to our store.

How do we make our vision a reality? Through relationships with third party retailers, we provide and ship our products from a global, rather than a local, market. We act as the liaison from these retailers to you. The retailers supply us with products that are excellent in quality, but do not meet the typical retail standard- enabling us to sell these products to you at a significantly lower price. We then ship directly from our partners to you so that you can get the best price possible.

We hope that, through this store, anyone can take their first steps towards expanding their collection of anime products at affordable prices. Having fun doesn’t need to be so expensive. Find your new merchandise with us today!